Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visitors and Good-Bye

Bloggers are always curious to know who is reading what they write, how many readers and followers they have and where they are coming from. 

Not surprisingly most of the visitors to this blog are sent from California. Yes, you guessed correctly. Google is the #1 referring site, followed by their local sites that also send traffic  (Google Spain, Google Argentina, Google Mexico, etc. )
Most of these visitors get to this blog with questions like “What is the Coat of Arms for my Surname?” And they leave quickly and disappointed when they find out there is no such thing.

But in addition to the search engines there was always a blog sending lots of traffic. That was “Blog de Heráldica”.  

Referrals from that site spent longer time on the blog reading the Notarial Records posts and the genealogy long articles. Unfortunately there will be no more posts on that site.

Good-bye to that great blog. Thank you Mr. José Juan Carrión for all the visitors I received from your site and thank you for all the heraldry lessons I got from you.
The blog is still there for all of you to visit. If you are interested in learning about Spanish Heraldry you will find there plenty of information.