Saturday, April 21, 2012

Genealogy is not just Names

Genealogists love old records and sometimes we fall on the documents trap. If you have read ancient genealogical reports, they are just a succession of names. A genealogical study that includes names and dates only may be accurate, but will not be complete.
Most people do not know much about world history; therefore a complete genealogical investigation should offer some basic geographical and historical information. 
Modern genealogical research deliverables include maps, information about the ancestral towns and pictures of the family home (if still existent) and the local parish. If possible a final report should also include information about the local traditions, dress style and folklore. 
And always the deliverable should include a summary of the ancestral town history, documenting people or facts that may have impacted the ancestors’ lives. We pay special attention to the town’s lordship (señorío jurisdiccional), wars or local battles. On the Spanish towns we check emigration waves while on the Latin American countries we search for immigration patterns. 
This modern way to present genealogical reports brings life to our science, gets it closer to the people and makes genealogy more interesting to the customers.