Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cannon and Heraldry

At the fort called “Castillo de San Marcos” in the city of St. Augustine in Florida (USA), we can find a beautiful 16 pounder cannon.

Curious about the history of the cannon, the heraldry art in it can give us some clues. We observe the coat of arms of Philip V (common version), confirmed by motto “Philip V Hispani Rex”

And also the arms of his wife Elisabeth Farnese, confirmed by the motto “Elisabeta Farnesio Hisp. Regina”

Therefore we can conclude the cannon was manufactured between 1714 and 1746.  By reading at the engraving we confirm the heraldic clues; it was made by Joseph Barnola in Barcelona, Spain in 1743.
After the independence the weapon passed to the Mexican army and saw action during the Mexican-American war (1846-1848). The cannon was surrendered to the forces of the United States at Veracruz, March 29 1847. Taken as a war trophy found its final home in this historic fort in Florida