Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cuadernos de Ayala

“Cuadernos de Ayala” is the magazine of the Spanish Federation of Genealogy, Heraldry and Historical Sciences. In the number 70 from June 2017 publishes the following review of our book.

Fernando Blanco Dopazo: LITTLE NOBILITY IN NOALLA. Santiago de Compostela, 2016. ISBN 978-84-945964-0-7, 352 pages, with full color illustrations. The author living in the old Spanish province of Tejas, so far away, focuses on the study of the beginnings, the splendor and decadence of the little nobility in a parish in Pontevedra. With a prologue by Dr. Marcelino Agís, the work tells the local story of Noalla and the nobility in Galicia. Then it follows with the genealogies and heraldry of the Trelles, Paadín y Radio families in all their lines (ascending and descending and in all locations. It also includes an appendix with documents, family trees and photos of manors. This book is in all aspects very commendable (Marquis of La Floresta).